Missoula's Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

MisCon 39: Hive of Scum and Villainy, May 23 - 26, 2025 Missoula, Montana

MisCon 39 Page Title

Bring a miniature down to the Art Show and get registered in both your class and your mini’s category. We’ll put your handiwork on display until Sunday when we meet up in the Artist’s Corner in the Dungeon and reveal the winners of each category.

Compete in 1 of 3 Skill Classes.

  • Novice: New to the hobby.

  • Advanced: Been painting for a few years.

  • Masters: Been Painting since birth.


  • Models must be put on bases so they can be examined.

  • You are allowed one entry per card.

Mini Categories:

Single model.

Squad – 5 in squad.


Large Model (bust or diorama).

There will be a couple of Display cases available, but space is limited.


  • No explicitly adult themed miniatures will be allowed as this is a family friendly event

  • Personally painted entries only, Please do not enter anything including but not limited to Commission Painted Works, Pre-Painted miniatures, etc.

  • You will be judged in the following areas (Detail, Color Scheme, Finishing Work, and Overall Look).

Detail: This is where we will judge how much time you spent taking that extra bit of time to capture the small little details of the miniature.

Color Scheme: Did your color scheme match the miniature or otherwise provide for a visually appealing display.

Finishing Work: This includes any highlight painting, Basing, or other small things added to make the miniature pop and stand out.

Overall Look: This is a broad overview of the miniature as a whole and how it is received by the judges

Please select a category you feel fits you, However the judging panel withholds the right to move you up or down.

Recommendations & Notes:

  • Larger scale dioramas will not affect your score as this is designed as a show of skill for a single miniature, Though we will not disqualify your diorama simply designate a single miniature in it as the judging piece.
  • Your speed of painting will hold no weight in the scoring.
  • Media used (paints, brushes, airbrush, etc.) will not be taken into account for final judging.

Judge Information:

Here I will outline some information for the judging process.


Each area (Detail, Color Scheme, Finishing Work, Overall Look) will be scored 1-4

  • 1 - Lowest score (little to no effort, visually unappealing)
  • 2 - (Reasonable effort, visually stable)
  • 3 - (Much effort, visually appealing)
  • 4 - Highest score (Great effort was taken, visually and artistically appealing)