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MisCon 38: the Dark Forest, May 24 - 27, 2024 Missoula, Montana


MisCon 38 Mini Painting Contest

MisCon 38 Mini Painting Contest

MisCon 38 Miniature Painting Contest
Bring a miniature down to the Art Show and get registered in both your class and your mini’s category. We’ll put your handiwork on display until Sunday when we meet up in the Artist’s Corner in the Dungeon and reveal the winners of each category.

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Guests of Honor

MisCon 38

Stan! Brown, Gaming Guest of Honor
Stan! Brown

Stan! is the author of numerous short stories, novels, roleplaying products, comics and cartoons. He has served as a graphic designer and line editor for West End Games, an editor and game designer for TSR, Inc., and an author, senior game designer, and creative director for Wizards of the Coast. He has also been the creative content manager at Upper Deck Entertainment.

Stan! has worked on a variety of role-playing titles, including Paranoia, Dragonlance, Marvel Super Heroes, Ravenloft, and Forgotten Realms, as well as being a principal designer for d20 Modern. He is also the author of two novels published by Wizards of the Coast.

About Stan! Brown

Paul Jenkins, Special Guest of Honor
Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins is a British born comic writer who lives in Atlanta, GA. He began his career at Mirage Studios working on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Jenkins has written some of the biggest characters for Marvel and DC Comics, including Spider-Man, Batman, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, and Hellblazer. He is best known for reviving The Inhumans as part of Marvel Knights and creating the Sentry for Marvel Comics. He also writes for video games on hits like The Darkness, Incredible Hulk, and God of War.

About Paul Jenkins

Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Author Guest of Honor
Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Over the past four decades, Nebula and Stoker Award-winning writer Nina Kiriki Hoffman has sold novels, novellas, and more than 400 short stories. Her works have been finalists for the World Fantasy, Mythopoeic, Sturgeon, Philip K. Dick, and Endeavour awards.

Nina does production work for the The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. She teaches fantasy, science fiction, and horror short story classes through Wordcrafters in Eugene and Fairfield County Writers' Studio. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, with two cats and a mannequin.

For a list of Nina's publications, check out: http://ofearna.us/books/hoffman.html.

About Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Cait May, Artist Guest of Honor
Cait May

Cait May is an illustrator, Balti-Moron, purveyor of poisonous plants, and absolute super nerd. She is obsessed with cryptozoology, D&D, ghost stories, and all things that go bump in the night. She has worked with Dimension20, The Adventure Zone and Critical Role; and has been published in The Atlantic, Vengeful Ghost, and Cryptid Culture Magazine. Her graphic novel "Another Kind" debuted October, 2021. She wants to tell stories that appeal to all ages and help readers face the crazy world we live in using their personal superpowers.

About Cait May

Steven K Smith, Cosplay Guest of Honor
Steven K Smith

Steven K. Smith, also known online as SKS Props, is an award-winning artist, fabricator, and owner of SKS Prop and Costume Supply. While he makes and sells professional-grade cosplay props and replica costumes, his goal is to teach people the techniques and fundamentals they need to create their own props and costumes.

Steve has uploaded over 200 instructional cosplay and prop videos to his Youtube channel, SKS Props, and is active in various Facebook cosplay communities.

About Steven K Smith

Jeff Grubb, Gaming Guest of Honor
Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb is an author of novels, short stories, comics, and is an RPG and video game designer. Grubb worked on the Dragonlance campaign setting under Tracy Hickman, and the Forgotten Realms setting with Ed Greenwood. His written works include The Finder's Stone Trilogy, the Spelljammer and Jakandor campaign settings and contributions to Dragonlance and the computer game Guild Wars 2. He now works at Amazon Game Studios.

About Jeff Grubb

Professionals and Speakers

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About MisCon Pros, Panelists, GMs:

Attending Professional

Attending Professionals are available to convention attendees as a resource. These individuals are special guests of the convention and are professionals in their industry or art. Their expertise on panels and in sessions is valuable to many of MisCon attendees.

Featured Professional

Featured Professionals are guests of the convention. These individuals have often been a Guest of Honor in the past and are returning to MisCon, but they are always experts and professionals in their field or art. Their expertise on panels and in sessions is valuable to many of MisCon attendees.

Featured Publisher

Featured Publishers are representatives of a publishing house attending MisCon as a guest of the convention. These individuals share their expertise on panels and in sessions, and can be a great resource to convention attendees. Often (but not always) a Featured Publisher will critique in the MisCon Writers' Workshop.

Game Masters and Storytellers

GMs (also known as Game Masters, Story Tellers, Judges, Referees, Game Facilitators, Dungeon Masters, or any of a number of other names) are the people responsible for running the game. GMs referee the outcome of character conflicts (with other player characters or with non-player characters), run all (or most) of the non-player characters, describe the setting, and arbitrate die rolls.


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Guest of Honor

Each year MisCon invites a small number (usually just 3) outstanding professionals in the realm of speculative fiction to be our Guests of Honor (GoHs, Guests). These individuals include at least one artist, at least one author, and one other professional each year. Guests generally participate in more panels than other individual pros or panelists.

MisCon Staff

MisCon is run by a group of volunteers, ConCom, who work hard all year to put MisCon together. These staff members do everything from moving chairs to putting up decorations, from putting together the schedule of programs, pannels, demonstrations, and games to registering attendees, from recruiting merchants to hanging artist's artwork to recruiting Guests of Honor, and so much more. Many members of ConCom also help on panels and programs during the convention.

Panel Volunteer

MisCon couldn't have the diversity in our programming without the many Panel Volunteers and Panelists that show up and agree to take time out of their schedule to help with a panel or two. These paying attendees help MisCon greatly each year!

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